Coping with Hair loss

It is hard to face the fact that you may be losing your hair, extremely hard to have to face the thought that it may not 

grow back.

The "will it, wont it" is the hardest place to be.

I have always thought that I would rather my hair never grow back than have to be in the situation of it growing back and then having to go through the whole emotional upset of losing it all over again.

It is so very important that you never give up hope and extremely important that if you are supporting someone that is losing their hair you must always give them hope. If you are interested in coming to one of our Hair loss support meetings then you can call or email us and we will inform you of the next meeting date or if you are having a hard time coping then please call us and ask to speak to Lisa.

At The Hair Clinic we provide free advice and support in coping with all forms of hair loss - 
Scarring Alopecia 
Thinning Hair
All forms of Hair loss

We offer advice and guidance on how to cope with hair loss.



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If you wish to discuss your Hair loss and need some support in coping you can call us on the number above.


Hair loss