My Personal Experience of Hair Loss

I found myself in the awful position of losing my hair at the age of 18....

.... Just as soon as I had started to look forward to having my own independence I felt it had been taken away from me.


This new part of my life was just beginning and I was so excited. I was gaining a new found confidence, meeting new people, making new friends, I was so excited about the life I had ahead of me!

Then Alopecia came along and informed me that none of this was going to happen,The excitement of meeting new people, making new friends - forget it, I no longer had that confidence, Alopecia had taken it away from me no sooner than it had been given to me.

I had been with my boyfriend for around a year but as soon as my hair got noticeably thin he ended the relationship.

I had a holiday booked to go abroad with my girlfriends, I had been so very excited about this - but no, I could forget that also - Alopecia decided it wanted to take everything away and my friends went away without me.

Eventually I hit rock bottom and realised I had two choices here - I found myself sat in my bathroom debating these choices - Either I carry on and stand up to Alopecia and beat it and show it that it will not ruin my life or I decide not to cope and stop. 

I decided to cope. I refuse to let my hair loss ruin my life.

I no longer have my own hair but I live a full and extremely happy life, I am happily married with two children and I can do anything anyone else with hair can do.

Life is Brilliant and I hope that I can now help others to cope also.

The Hair Clinic is run by Lisa Wheat a Hair loss sufferer who lost 

all of her hair and suffers from Alopecia Universalis therefore has 

a great understanding of how absolutely devastating it is to lose 

your hair.

Below are a few words from Lisa and her experience of 

Hair loss.


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If you wish to discuss your Hair loss and need some support in coping you can call us on the number above.



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